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The Photoshop Flexo Method is an educational program developed to help businesses which produce or prepare artwork for the Flexographic printing process.

It has been the result of perseverance over many years to develop a system which could both increase the quality of Flexographic print results as well as eliminate errors in artwork setup.

Anyone in the industry is well aware of the challenges that face management in their efforts to train and educate staff without losing production time and without blowing the budget on fancy software which ultimately, never gets used enough to justify its cost.

This method has been put through many tests over recent years and it has proved to drastically reduce costs resulting from errors as well as increase the quality of all Flexographic print results.

The amount of money saved by eliminating plate errors is quite staggering. It is no longer necessary to risk producing plates with the possibility of seeing stray dots all over the sheet or seeing that the minimum dots aren’t appearing everywhere they should be.

The beauty of this method for business owners and managers is that you don’t need to send your staff anywhere to attend this course nor does it require the purchasing or licensing of any additional software.

This is a method using only the existing tools available to everyone within Adobe Photoshop – the industry standard pixel based editing program.

See why after some of our recent trials the Photoshop Flexo Method had the most experienced and senior artworkers and printers saying things like;

“This is the best technique I have ever seen”

“I don’t know how these files were set up but these plates and the print result are perfect!”

“This method blows Esko’s Photoshop Flexo plugins out of the water!”


“Skills like this make my job so much easier, it now only takes me minutes to do what used to take hours and the result is heaps better... I don’t know how I ever used to work without this thing”

It is also a very easy to follow step-by-step tutorial that can be learnt on the job over a matter of days. Simply purchase your copy, print the lessons for each operator and let each individual follow the course.

The tutorial can be executed on our supplied test file or any existing job. Once mastered, the technique is then a part of each artists knowledge base and the method can be applied to all future work.

It really is that simple!

“We’re that confident that our program is that easy to learn, follow and adapt that we are also combining FREE unlimited email support with every purchase. We don’t expect that you’d have too much trouble working with the Photoshop Flexo Method but if you do get stuck or you do come across a question that can’t be answered you can send us an email any time. This will be read and replied to by the very people who have created the Photoshop Flexo Method. We’ll always be there to help and you’ll never be put through to a generic help centre.”

You will be able to see exactly what your plates will look like right there on your desktop.

You will be able to add dots, clean strays and create skeleton black separations with ease.

You will have the peace of mind knowing exactly what your file contains – no more surprises!

You will be able to very simply create your minimum dot for your artwork and not by adding a dot all over your file but effectively bringing up only the existing dots to your minimum requirement.

Eg: If you require a minimum 3% dot, the Photoshop Flexo Method will allow you to bring up all dots below 3% (from as low as 0.2%) to your minimum whilst not affecting any dot above 3% in any way.

This then allows you to preview your plates and see exactly where you need to add dots and where you need to remove dots.

The samples below show a piece of artwork which goes through the process using the Photoshop Flexo Method and delivers an excellent Flexo print result.

Sample 01:
Standard separation preview. Impossible to see complete ink coverage areas on each plate nor is the composite image indicative of the Flexo print result.

Sample 02:
Our unique separation preview of the same file before applying the Photoshop Flexo Method. Clearly there are too many dropouts and too many stray dots on the Black separation.
Note: The weight of ink on each plate is merely a preview of ink coverage areas. All dots from 0.2% are previewed in this fashion to give a clear indication of all ink coverage.

Sample 03:
Our unique separation preview of the same file after applying the Photoshop Flexo Method. Clean, defined ink areas and no more stray dots on any separation.
Note: The weight of ink on each plate is merely a preview of ink coverage areas. All dots from 0.2% are previewed in this fashion to give a clear indication of all ink coverage.

Sample 04:
This is a simulation of what the print result would represent after our treatment. No harsh lines whatsoever, clean glows and neat edges on our skeleton black around the shading on the birds’ feathers.

Sample 05:
This is a simulation of what the print result would likely represent without our treatment on a Flexo Press. Notice the harsh lines within the text shading, around the birds’ glow and throughout the dark shading on the birds feathers.

As you can see in these examples, this method delivers results!

It really is a breakthrough for any Artworker or Printer who works with Flexo files on a regular basis.

We believe that this method will not only save you money but make you more of it when word gets around of your new consistent and fantastic print results.

The Photoshop Flexo Method is a one-off purchase and that’s a promise!

Once purchased, there will be no need for updates, upgrades or additions. This would be your only expense.

We want you to have more than just this though. Our experts have also developed other exciting artworking methods for you which we will add on as FREE bonuses.

When you purchase the Photoshop Flexo Method, your package will include 3 additional tutorials of techniques which give each operator more control over their artwork and leave absolutely nothing to chance.

These FREE bonuses (normally priced at $2,250 AUD) are;
A Photoshop DCS tutorial – how to build and edit DCS files with ease and without compromising any artwork elements
A DCS preview tutorial – to preview your artwork in its true colours as you work in CMYK mode
An Adobe Illustrator preflight check method – eliminates stray dots and unwanted elements easily and is especially useful for Flexographic artwork

PLUS! every purchase comes with unlimited email support from the method creators themselves. You will not go through any help centre but directly to someone who will be able to answer your question.

The Graphic Arts trades have many courses available for various areas but this particular process has never been broken down into such a simple form.

Key Benefits:

This knowledge and skill set will be a priceless addition to you and your business.

Click here to send us an email now expressing your interest to purchase the Photoshop Flexo Method package and we will make sure you are one of the first to receive it upon in its release in January 2010.

The Photoshop Flexo Method is available to you for a one-off fee of $5,500 AUD.

This knowledge is not available and will never be available anywhere else.

Remember, unlike traditional courses where staff members need to attend and each pay a fee, this can be used to train as many people as you like for as long as you may require.

With Flexo printing on the rise, this knowledge will continue to add value to your business well into the future.